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I’m stood on a train, a couple of glasses of wine in and I’m sorry I’m going to rant. My marginally more prepped post has gone out the window. January was a bad month for untimely high profile deaths. A lot of legends took their last bow and will obviously be missed. Now I’m not one to get that passionate about a particular person, band, film, sporting event etc. I’m not the person to take wedding dress shopping. “Yes you look really good”, is my limit. Stunning, amazing, phenomenal are words that I feel I should say but don’t come naturally to me. Emotionally stunted has been bandied about in the past and so be it. Certain things get me, many don’t that’s just the way I am and probably topic enough for a therapy session. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel I just don’t have extreme reactions very often. Equally if you ever do get a crazy enthusiastic response from me don’t question it, run with it, because it’s both genuine and rare. So perhaps I’m not the best person to judge, but I don’t really understand how so many people have been genuinely soooo saddened by everyone that has died this month. 

Yes you may have been a fan of one of them and feel strongly that you need to vent your grief on social media but ALL of them, really! 

It smacks of the boy who cried grief. There seems to be this race to be the first person to share the BBC or SKY News link. Why? Does that provide social media kudos? Does it make you an up to the minute informer? No one is genuinely measuring your thoughts or feelings on the person who crows the loudest.

You may say I am also jumping on the band wagon by even writing this, so judge me. I believe I’m only saying what a lot of other people are thinking. Be sad, remember them, share a couple of words if you need to but because you genuinely mean it, because you want to not because you feel you should because everyone else is posting about it too. 
Hopefully I haven’t alienated too many people. Rant over. (For the record this was also written last night, I’m not 2 glasses of wine into my morning commute).


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  1. Admirable to write with such blunt honesty and authenticity, but I think that was always one of of your best qualities. I wrote a few blogs about death too. Have a read when you’re on your commute sitting smugly in your comfy seat while others pack like sardines in the aisles 🙂 Let me know what you think. and and


  2. poppetini says:

    i think a part of anyone dying is the selfishness and bluntness that if a living legend can die, then so can we. No good living will stop it, nope. it’s a great big ‘oh my god’ moment for those of us approachng 50, and dare I say it 60 and 70. if that generation of tv, film, music and IT legends are starting to die out. i think that’s a lot to do with the sadness. i had no idea I was quite so emotionally attached to Terry Wogan, turns out he’s entered my heart as an avuncular uncle though.


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