Is it a good yawning?

  I’m a fan of a sweatshirt and a hoodie, no I’m not on trend embracing a bit of sport luxe, unfortunately I’m not that cool. I just always have been a relatively casual dresser, much happier in a baggy sweatshirt, jeans, boots, trainers or flip flops. Love a flip flop would bust one of those out till October given the chance, my collapsed arches not so much, but never mind. Back to the point, in my school days it was a Levi’s zip up hoodie, thrown over a ribbed vest top or body (hated those poppers) and DM’s. I didn’t partake in the Naf Naf, Stussy, or Kangol trend but I’m pretty sure that was a good thing. In the late 90’s as I entered my Uni days, it was all about the fleece, to start with the baggier the better. Next shamefully seemed to be the place to go for a fleece around this time, then they got zip up and fitted. I can’t believe now looking back, my whole house at Uni had zip up fleece jackets as effectively our going out jackets.

GAP hoodies did the rounds next, with the GAP slogan emblazoned across the front. You could stand out from the crowd if you opted for the largest size available in the kids section in order to access a better colour range, although getting your head into it was always a tad challenging. Now any kind of GAP logo attire is really only acceptable on small children.
By the early noughties Bench zip up’s took the reign, it was all about the thumb holes and the uber large snood like collar. Hollister and Abercrombie were what you sported if you wanted to boast a recent trip to the States, but had to gas mask up in order to make it in and out the store alive, inevitably leaving smelling like a teenage boy on the pull. Not sure what came next but it wasn’t long before Superdry became king of the highstreet in the sweater / hoodie department. Despite that they became extremely mass market and I got comments suggesting I should abandon my continued support of the swiftly growing Superdry empire there just wasn’t the choice if you wanted a comfy affordable, nice shaped casual jumper.    But . . . . suddenly it seems I’m in my element, it has indeed become on trend to don a sweatshirt, in most cases providing it has a clever or witty slogan. I knew baggy casual would be my friend one day. There’s the baggy beach sweats from Wildfox at the top end, I discovered Pearl & Earl who for me nailed the Xmas sweat. Selfish Mother has commandeered the charity sweat, with her Mother, Human, Sista and now Winging It sweats contributing to some fantastic causes. The high street is obviously trying to jump on the band wagon too but they are not for me. Then on Instagram via a local kids boutique I know called The Dandy Kid a new sweat on the block caught my eye. From the new Parent Apparel range, Good Yawning, sparked a train of thought.

Aimed predominantly at parents it got me thinking. Yes I’m constantly tired. Life is hectic and while they are certainly a contributing factor, as they are the stealers of the fondly remembered lie in, I can’t really blame my kids. Many will hate me for this but mine are sleepers, always have been. I’m tired because life is just full.

Work is crazy, no change there ever, yes children is the reason I have limited time but I could relax more, at least of an evening, the fact is I choose not too. I want to be busy, I want to act on ideas, keep my mind ticking, pack in as much as physically possible. Nights out, late night book or blog writing sessions, seeing mates, squeezing in a cinema trip, family days out shoe horned in between busy work schedules. Then you need to somehow bookend in the chores of day to day, making yourself look presentable, the weekly shop, admin, washing, social media catch ups, being up to speed with the latest Netflix sensation. I don’t think I’m alone, every one seems to be busier, we all run everywhere, do loads, take on more and are generally always on the go.
In my house, despite it being a constant new week resolution, we just never get to bed early and average lights off is at midnight. Most mornings I am up at 6.30 for work, my kids still snoozing while I stealth ninja round the house, hoping not to wake them so I don’t have to apply mascara with a small person on my hip, scrutinising my every move. Yes I am probably sleep deprived but because I choose to be and choose to do things rather than go to bed early. In my eyes this means I have achieved. Yes I admit it may not be the more pressing items on my ever increasing to do list but I do add these things on just to feel a bit of momentum. In my eyes it is worth being tired, I have achieved goals, done fun things I have enjoyed, feel fulfilled, and all these things have led to what I think are worthwhile and Good Yawnings.

So in my eyes it’s not just about the parents, if you are feeling a tad sleep deprived don’t moan, think about the reason why you are tired. A good late night out, a bit of one on one time with your mini sidekick in the wee small hours, perhaps you’re working hard to save for a holiday, house or wedding, or staying up late to achieve a New Years resolution. If it’s worth it, justified, if your yawn has a good story, purpose or end goal then so be it. Ensure all your yawnings are a Good Yawning.

Cuddle Fairy

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  1. I can remember the vast amount of these also going to Unit the the late 90s!! And relate to the fact that life is just full because I choose it to be and could spend a evening relaxing over blogging! But I can’t bring myself to do it!! Lol. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week xx


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