Who am I?

According to an article that appeared on my Facebook feed, I’m interesting because I wear colourful socks. Personally I call it time poor but good intentioned because I think by buying brighter socks it might be easier to find a pair. In reality I’m disorganised, useless at putting away laundry and always in a rush because I grab whatever I can find. If in boots no one has to know what quirky oddity may be lurking underneath although I find myself a tad apologetic on those days I remove my shoes for a pedicure or round someone’s house. On top of that my husband, the romantic, actually now buys me boxes of odd socks. Not used, homeless ones, but boxed up random colourful socks as my odd sock habit is now just the norm. 

It did however make me question the abundance of pointless quizzes that appear on social media news feeds. They are obviously meant to be a bit of time wasting fun, but there are so many of them. Do some people use them as literal life affirmations to make themselves feel better? To try and work out who they are? If you are a teenager trying to work out who you are then perhaps? Do they keep doing quizzes till they get an answer they want? How do people have so much time on their hands? Who comes up with these pointless quizzes? How is there a market for them?  So this week I decided to dedicate a few train journeys to some random quizzes to see if I have it wrong, maybe I actually don’t know who I am. Let’s do a few quizzes to find out. 

Upon glancing at a word search apparently I want love, time and money most in life, as these were the words that jumped out at me first. I took the pirate or ninja quiz. YES I’m a ninja! Apparently Chris Rock should have been my date for the Oscars, between his hosting duties and penning his speech to tackle Oscar diversity he obviously forgot to drop me the invite. 

My hair length tells me I’m down to earth. It expands to say I’m logical, grounded, and keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, no matter what the situation. Yes this may be pretty accurate but why because I happen to have shoulder length hair. Would short hair make me an adventurous risk taker? Longer hair lazy, because I hadn’t got round to cutting it?
“What Lost character are you?” Who cares? Who is still interested in talking about Lost, other than in terms of how much time they lost committing to it?

“How well do you speak cat?” This quiz was even sponsored by a popular cat brand, now I have cats but as this is sponsored it means they know that crazy cat lovers will go for this quiz, no way! I’m not being branded by that label. There was even a 2nd quiz underneath “This quiz will prove once and for all whether you speak cat!” Really, people go back for more?

What else did I discover? That my age cannot be guessed based on my taste in M&M’s but 25 would be nice. I can spot a panda quickly in a crowd. I can successfully count triangles. By saying Tom Hardy is one of my favourite celebs and giving my star sign, Virgo, apparently Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney film ,WRONG it’s Monsters Inc. If I was to partake in the Hunger Games I would meet my death by accidental poisoning and my arm would fall off in the process ?!? 

What song describes my life? Now this is an interesting one as currently I would say the sound track of my life seems to be the theme tune to Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig or Blaze and the Monster Machines. However if I was fortunate enough to get my own choice it would be something like “Just another Manic Monday”   No, “Long Live by Taylor Swift” not going to lie, Taylor Swift, feeling a tad disappointed. I had a quick read of the lyrics, as a whole it seemed a tad mushy for me but I did like that I got to fight dragons and the reference to making a mark on the world and being eternally remembered. 
Another quiz suggested who should sing it, if it gets me away from Taylor Swift I will give it a go. Madonna, because allegedly I’m fun loving and empowered and I need a soundtrack to reflect my spirit. Well providing she doesn’t fall over while belting it out and choreographs a good dance routine, I’ll take it. Plus she’s not just going to sing my song, allegedly because I love meeting new people and “expressing myself” Madonna is going to help me explore my identity, and help me rock any situation.
So to sum up, what have I learnt? If I need a new blog bio or my husband runs off and I find myself needing a dating profile here it is:

I am an interesting, grounded, 25 year old Ninja, fun loving, empowered, with a lust for love, money and time. Drop me a line because I love to meet new people. You can come round to watch Alice in Wonderland, my new self help guru, bff, Madonna will provide a rendition of a Taylor Swift song, while you are here. Do phone ahead though as I may be on a date with Chris Rock. BTW if my arm falls off while I’m with you, please call 999. 

So I have wasted a few minutes here and there, if you have ever completed a particularly fulfilling, even remotely interesting quiz do let me know. Otherwise I think I will go back to ignoring these in my Facebook timeline and making the most of my commute for a quick read or bit of social media maintenance. 


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