Remember Pineapple Sue?

It’s been a bad week. Sometimes something unexpected happens that completely turns your life upside down. No doubt temporarily, and as everyone continues to tell me these things happen for a reason and it will all work out for the best. I know that is all true but it doesn’t necessarily help in the moment. Equally I’m not alone, several close friends are battling with recent, unexpected hard knocks to life. Last Wednesday now known as “Black Wednesday” was a dark day for several of us for completely unconnected reasons. There is of course a post itching to be written about all of this, but now is not the time. Instead my focus this week needs to bit of lighthearted distraction and the importance of having fun, switching off and having a drink and a giggle. Which leads me to my question do you remember Pineapple Sue? 

Many years ago, it scares me to work out exactly how many, myself and 2 close friends went for a day trip to Chessington World of Adventures. We were well out the target demographic age wise and didn’t even have children along for the ride, we just wanted a fun day out. This particular calendar day was set to be a potentially difficult one for one friend so this was also all about a day of silly distraction, most of which ended up being at my expense. 

It seems you never can escape your past and on this day a rather tall member of my past with significant ears walked by. After he became a bit of a phone stalker, perhaps 10+ years previously post a drunken uni evening, involving too much snake bite, I had purposefully erased this fellow from my mind. Fine if that’s that and you can hide and be done with it. Not so fine when it transpires he actually works with accompanying friend and my two mates find the whole thing ridiculously amusing, trying all day to engineer an awkward bump into situation.

Fortunately I escaped the awkwardness of a hello that day but the evil power of social media meant despite an emphatic promise she would keep my past to the past,  she just couldn’t help herself. Come Monday morning in the office, she delighted in blowing up his company photo, nice and large so that it slapped me in the face when I opened my email. Trust me there was no need for some of his facial features to be made any larger, they were doing fine on their own. Shortly afterwards up popped those ears on my Facebook page to say Hi.   Let that be a lesson that drunken mistakes always come back to haunt you. 

So at one point in our “World of adventure” day I engineered that queueing for an indoor ride might be a beneficial self preservation tactic. While we were standing in an exceedingly long line, in the dark, for a rather stomach churning ride my friend announced she was going to a “P” party what should she go as as? 

The pope, a penguin, the Pink Panther, Penelope Pitstop.

 “How about Pineapple Sue?” I threw in. 

“Who’s Pineapple Sue?”

“You know friends with Strawberry Shortcake or was it Victoria Plum?”

 “Oh yeah” 

So Pineapple Sue, in her little yellow and green pineapple dress got toyed with and thrown into the mix. 

Miss P Sue got chatted about a lot that day, randomly stuck in our minds and up she pops every so often. Be it the ridiculousness of her character, her matter of fact name, or the association with a great day out with lots of laughs with 2 close friends she became a character in our friendship history and still rears her green sprouting pineapple hat head every so often nearly 10 years later. 
So to anyone having a tough time, I want to bring back those Pineapple Sue days. Not often enough do I have silly, stupid, childish days with my friends any more. When I do catch up with then as I recently did over lots of fizz as we lounged around for an evening in PJ’s we truly laughed, giggled and cried like we had no responsibility and not a care in the world for an evening. Be it your job , your family life, what ever keeps you manic, make sure you make time for the fun and the friends in your life that know you so well that a silly phrase, look or memory has you hyperventilating into your Prosecco with bubbles coming out your nose. Bring back Pineapple Sue! 
If you’re interested she went as one of the Pan’s People to her fancy dress party but 6 months later I ensured Pineapple Sue made her debut appearance at a fairytale themed 30th. Despite most people nodding along and claiming to remember her she was in fact a fairytale. It would seem if you have enough conviction people will believe anything. 


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