My Month of March

My body was suffering,  feeling tired, haggard and old,

I still couldn’t shift the curse of DiCaprio cold.

I had issues with tissues, there was four weeks of snot,

In bed there was night sweats, first freezing, then hot.

When it felt that the sinus pain, might just recede,

Aggressive nose blowing, meant a nasty nose bleed.

But finally the fog lifted, my nasal passage was clear,

Two days later that’s when, a sore throat did appear.

So on a March Wednesday morning, I mourned my ill health,

Working from home, feeling sorry for myself.

Then that afternoon, like a bolt from the blue,

I received an unexpected phone call, you think won’t happen to you.

My role had been made redundant, my eyes blurred with emotion,

I could stay if I wanted, but it would be a demotion.

So with options like that, it was my time to leave,

I refused to ignore, what I’d worked hard to achieve.

But in amongst the upset,  piles of tissues and snot,

There was some light relief, from the two girls I’ve got.

Little Roux took first steps, now just wants to walk,

Her words progress quickly, she does love to talk.

And when I’ve got home from work, feeling a bit like a mug,

She’s offered a wet kiss, and a cute toddler hug.

A trip to the docs, antibiotics made me feel better,

A facial and pedicure distracted, from the redundancy letter.

I’d made the decision to give up chocolate till Easter, to see if I could,

Amazingly I did it, I wasn’t sure if I would.

Chocolate is my Achilles heel, my emotional saviour,

I’m impressed I stuck with it, my resolve didn’t waiver.

But if chocolate, was not set to be my vice,

Prosecco, Jager Bombs and vodka, was equally nice.

I went to the Empire Movie Awards, for my last work hurrah,

And couldn’t pass up the chance, for a shot with a star.

Seizing C3po, Daisy Ridley and David Walliams for a pic,

I drank too much whiskey, and danced like a dick.

Fortunately in the mornings, the hangover fairy failed to deliver,

I escaped scot free each time, with my media pickled liver.

So I’ve picked myself up, I no longer feel rough,

But my final two weeks at work, have been tough.

Now to find a new role.  Who knows what’s to be?

I’ve had a few chats, updated the CV.

So for all sorts of reasons, March has been crazy,

Perhaps I  will take a few days, to be lazy.

I close the book on a job, that I have loved for 8 years,

Great people, good fun, far too many beers.

So lets hope as I put March behind me, and we enter the spring season,

That annoying comment that I’ve heard constantly, rings true . . . “These things happen for a reason.”









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  1. Ruth says:

    Gah! Not nice, not nice at all. I’m set to face similar (talks have begun) but I too feel my job there is done. I was tempted to say “I’m sorry to hear this” then I thought it probably (almost certainly) means great things for you, lovely. My eyes will be peeled for developments chronicled here but in the meantime I really hope you get chance to recuperate a bit. Lots of love to all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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