Metafit: No pain, no gain. 

Time to exercise is a scarce commodity these days, never more so than when you have kids.  So when I heard about Metafit classes that are just 30 mins long, work you hard for the session and then supposedly work you that hard that you continue to burn calories for the rest of the day I was sold. If it’s exercise and can justify my chocolate and cake habit then it can only be win win. 
The first session I did was 8.30am on a Sunday. Fortunately I hadn’t been out the night before and fortunately I hadn’t had breakfast. 

I don’t think I have ever exercised so hard in my life. By the end of the session my legs were quivering from some serious muscle fatigue, I felt woozy and light headed, one wrong step and I might become tangled in a neat row of spinning bikes up against the corner of the room. I was quite simply drenched in sweat and my face was the colour of a freshly painted London bus. While it was a ridiculously hard half hour and I willed it to be over with every ounce of my being, every second, there was no time for clock watching. Even if I had had time to glance at the clock I doubt I would have had the extra energy to raise my head. There was barely even time for refuelling with a bit of water. Which to be fair was a tad pointless as it was pouring out of my pores as quickly as I could gulp it down. 

Now if you have never heard of it, never tried it and think I am sounding a tad pathetic right now, I challenge you to give it a go but let me give you a taste: 
The lessons are called stuff like Stampede, Venom, Wipeout, Mayhem, House of Pain and Assassin. With a new metafit lesson introduced each month the instructors have a wide choice to choose from. The instructor welcomes you to the class telling you that this is set to be the worst 30 mins of your life. A bit extreme but on some weeks possibly partially true. 

It’s referred to as the 30 minute work out that keeps on working. It was created by a Royal Marine Commando, claiming to set your metabolism on fire, combining body weight exercises and HIT techniques (high intensity training). It’s explosive exercises designed to destroy you till your body burns out. Keen?? 

A typical session involves 3/4 rounds. 4 exercises for about 30 seconds a piece.12 seconds rest between each exercise, then all 4 back to back. 25 second breather before the next round and so on. They always then end with a pretty evil “finisher” which is either one exercise till what feels like the death, or all the exercises from he whole session once more back to back. It is relentless, exhausting and painful. 
The class is that effective that I turn a blind eye to the cringely enthusiastic trainer at the front who is throwing out 90’s clubbing phrases from the front like “hear we go” “hold on tight” in a bid to keep us encouraged and enthused. Credit for her enthusiasm when the only response she is getting from the class are a mixture of grunts, pants and curses. However through the sweat, pain and torture I actually quite enjoy it. After though, not at the time, NEVER at the time! 

The big surprise in my local class it’s a class full of girls. Been to a few different ones and all very female. Boys if you think it’s too easy think again, give it a go. 

Unfortunately they cancelled the 8.30 Sunday class so the evil now sits in my weekly schedule at 6.30am on a Thursday morning. However the fact is you can scrape yourself out of bed, throw on your kit and it’s not like you have to shower or make your self presentable first as you are going to look like a sweaty mess shortly after. Plus realistically as I have 2 small children I am either up with them or up for work. I could be sweating it out, smug in the knowledge that my exercise for the day is under my belt or I could be singing along on the sofa to RaRa the noisy little lion. I admit neither is ideal but at least one paved the way to fitness and justify nice food.  

Despite that it is only half an hour a week, it has made a difference, my body shape has changed, the true volume of chocolate I eat can remain a delicious little secret and there is some definition in my arms and legs that I hadn’t previously seen in years. It certainly ticks the weekly exercise box.

So if you’ve ever been tempted, you will probably hate it but it’s worth it. Remember though – don’t go if you have been out the night before, take water,and personally I wouldn’t eat beforehand unless you want to revisit your last meal. ENJOY.


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