15 additional uses for washing up liquid. 

Yes honestly this week’s  post is that dull. I realised I hadn’t written anything in a while so I decided to write about the first thing I saw in my Facebook feed for inspiration. Unfortuntely it was this. 

Dish soap is not just for dishes (who knew?) 

As I pondered on the topic of a rhyming refrain, 

I saw a social media post, obsurdly mundane.

15 extra uses for some kitchen washing up soap, 

Could I handle this excitement, how would I cope? 

So without even reading the article I decide I would,

Write a pointless rhyme about this topic if I could.

So it turns out dish soap is very good indeed,

At tackling the steadfastness of a common garden weed. 

According to Readers Digest; who knew that still existed?

For stubborn greasy stains, it should also be enlisted.

Don’t buy expensive stain removers, don’t be a fool, 

Because it’s also gentle enough to use on silk and wool. 

Stain on the carpet, don’t freak and fret.

Dish soap and water, then blot off the wet. 

If you want your jewellery looking divine, 

Some Fairy Liquid and a toothbrush will bring out the shine.

Lubrication! No! I’m not referring to anything naughty,

Dish soap it seems can do the job, of a can of WD40! 

If your lawn, like mine, feels like one big ants nest,

A mix of dish soap and vinegar, is what kills them off best. 

Mix with warm water then point and spray, 

Your house plants will thank you, for it keeps bugs away. 

Put your nails in soapy warm water, nothing stronger

Our friend will help strip off the oils making your manicure last longer. 

If an invasion of fruit flies is getting you down, 

A mix of dish soap and vinegar lures them in to drown.

If you want to keep your hair looking shiny and lush, 

A dish soap soak will work wonders on your brush. 

But that’s not the only hair secret that I have for you, 

To help shift the grease add a few drops to your shampoo. 

If your toddler wants bubbles and you find yourself in a fix, 

Just add water and Voila you have bubble mix. 

Now I don’t know how many points that is, it’s not really clear,

But in the unlikely event you want to read on, just click here

W&R: Attempting to make the mundane marginally more interesting via rhyme. 


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