Looking in

I notice you when you’re drunk, partying with friends,

I learn how your evening starts and how your evening ends. 

I see you by the beach, looking great in a bikini,

Jealous of your body, safe in the knowledge you”ll never see me. 

I watch you in a restaurant, I study what you eat, 

Drinking in your hair cut and gorgeous heels on pedicured feet. 

I’m there at your wedding, watching you become a wife. 

Admiring all the pretty folk who are part of your new life.

I’m peering through a window, at the new baby you’ve brought home, 

Watching daily how she changes; I like how fast she’s grown. 

I’m with you on your way to work, getting hassled on the train, 

Angry that delays, have made you late for work again! 

I follow you and your children; Don’t they grow up quick? 

I notice your youngest’s off school again, I hope she’s not too sick. 

I’m there with your family at the park, see your son climb a tree;

A perfect little unit, you seem as happy as can be. 

I know when you’re at home, I know when you’re away. 

It doesn’t take a minute to work out where you are today. 

I watch what you’re doing, glad I can’t be seen, 

I know your friends and family, always knowing where you’ve been. 

So ask yourself this question, am I a psycho stalking you with fervour? 

Or am I just your friend on Facebook or an unknown social media observer. 

We are all this person. Sounds kind of creepy though doesn’t it?  Read it again with Facebook & Instagram in mind. In the meantime I’m off to review and cull a few friends on Facebook and check my privacy settings. 


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  1. As I read this I totally thought stalker! But yes, isn’t it strange to think how many people have a glimpse into your daily life via social media! #prose4t

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    1. Completely, we are all in a weird way legitimate stalkers!


  2. Goodness me! We all do this though, don’t we! When you think about it, it’s quite bizarre that it’s become so acceptable and that we almost welcome it – we are, after all, the ones sharing… #prose4t

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  3. Its funny because I initially read this as a guardian angel or deceased relative. When you mentioned Facebook, it put a whole different slant on it. You are so right! It feels really stalkery (if that’s a word!). Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

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    1. and great to see you back x


    2. Interesting I will have to go back and read myself with that perspective. Thanks for reading.


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