The Aftermath

It’s been a long, long day there’s a pounding in my head, 

My body’s screaming tired, pleading for my bed.

Around me there is chaos, washing and abandoned socks;

A collection of stuffed animals, Badger, Bunny, Hippo, Fox.

An online shop, appointments, bills needing to be paid.

A “To Do” list that grows out of control as I continue to get waylaid. 

A pile of clothes sits on the table, awaiting an eBay debut.

The aftermath of potty training concerns me, does the house still smell like poo?

Children’s eggs goad me, a tempting chocolate eating crime.  

There’s another birthday party on Saturday, thank God for Amazon Prime! 

I’ve got dribble on my shoulder, my temples are still aching.

The bathroom floor resembles an Ibiza foam party in the making. 

Blind bag Lego litters the kitchen, there’s a raisin stuck to my heel;

I can’t be bothered with dinner, beans on toast sounds quite ideal. 

I’m staring at the laundry pile, how does it always stay so big?

I find myself humming to the beat of Peppa Pig. 

I decide to ignore it all, sit down, then comes a voice from beyond the stairs,

“Mummy I can’t remember, do frogs sit on logs or chairs?”

Back to bed, but before long, there’s a holler from second daughter, 

“Mummy Mummy MUMMMMY, I still want some water.”

Finally all is silent, I close my eyes to block out the mess,

Wondering if a burgled house would cause me less distress. 

Right now no doubt an early night would be the sensible choice,

But the lure of quiet time on the sofa is the overriding voice. 

So rather than being sensible and heading off to bed,

I opt for turning on the TV for some Netflix time instead. 

But finally, late again, I head up, and spot him sitting there, 

Bug*er, Sh*t, Bolloc*s, I forgot about that damn class bear! 

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